All about us 

You’re probably thinking, ‘What came before the After Party?’
It’s a good question.
A group of creatives (pictured below, for your pleasure) were working away in their respective fields. Everything from YouTube to directing to screenwriting. But then, just at the right time, they crossed paths. It was a Tuesday. Nice day. 23 degrees, not too humid.
They challenged themselves to shake things up online, to produce engaging original work, to make things that young people actually wanted to watch. And so, in 2016, After Party was born, and we’ve been doing just that since.
230 million views later, we’re just getting started.
Callum McGinley
CEO & Founder
Richard Mansell
Joshua Barnett
Managing Director
Director / Head of Production

We work with some of the biggest brands and distributors in the world to bring our content to audiences.